Lockdown, due to the spread of Covid-19, was announced on 23 March 2020 and Little Hazelcott issue refunds for upcoming bookings. However, we see it as a time to think of the future and plan improvements to make visits to Little Hazelcott an even better experience for our guests.

BEFORE                                                                                 DURING                            


We have given the private garden at Little Hazelcott a makeover so there is now a larger lawn, a new rockery and the raised pond has been repositioned with new plants. We hope you like it!

But we didn't stop there!

We then started work on tidying the front garden and putting in a new gravel path from the steps in front of Little Hazelcott kitchen window.

And then we decided to make a larger parking area for our guests!

With a little help from one of our neighbours and his tractor the new driveway was dug out.

We then laid the weed control membrane and waited for 10 tons of gravel to arrive!

5 tons delivered to be spread before the next load arrives.

Nearly finished!

Ready for our guests. We think the hard work has paid off and we're pretty pleased with the result.

TEL:07779 999741 OR 07779 999562


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